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As we continue to restore and preserve hacker history, our latest project involves the videos from The Fifth HOPE, our conference from 2004. Here you'll find no less than three keynote addresses, by Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak, and Jello Biafra, along with around 70 other talks on everything from the emerging hacktivism scene to the development of the hackerspace movement to security concerns and legal issues, along with pirate radio and social engineering.

You can find links to the videos as well as the ability to buy DVDs at dirt cheap prices at our online store. We've also begun archiving material on Channel 2600 on YouTube in order to ensure that this history is forever preserved and seen by as many people as possible. Please help us spread the word. And stay tuned for future archiving projects.

Visit The Fifth HOPE video archive (click on each title to get to the video)

Visit the archive of the HOPE conferences (five conferences now online, DVDs available for all)

Visit Channel 2600 on YouTube.