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If you're still kicking yourself for missing HOPE Number Nine, we have something that might make you feel better. We've finally gone through the boxes of leftovers and are offering HOPE Number Nine t-shirts and passports through our online store.

The HOPE Number Nine t-shirt has a very authentic look to it. So authentic that people may think you work for that *other* DHS and not the Department of HOPEland Security that helped to keep things in order at the conference. That badge will be emblazoned on the front of your black shirt with the word CITIZEN on the back, just so there's no confusion.

We're also offering our unique hacker badges: the HOPE passports that were used at the conference. You'll find all kinds of fun things contained in the 24 pages of this really authentic looking booklet, including multiple visa pages, hackerspace emblems, a special ID section, and all sorts of fun rules and regulations pertaining to HOPE and the hacker world.

HOPE Number Nine T-Shirts

HOPE Number Nine Passports

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