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This isn't a huge news story but we felt it was worthy of note. As part of our overall digitization project, our team of archivists have finished the thankless task of making all of the recorded talks from our first three conferences available on flash drives and downloadable MP4s for the very first time. Previously, they were only available as DVDs and on YouTube, with all of the baggage that service brings with it. Now you can have the highest quality, fully copyable files to do with as you please. No restrictions. (Please be aware that our video skills at the time were rudimentary at best so some of these videos might be best described as studies in how far we've come.)

HOPE (1994) flash drives and downloadable MP4s

Beyond HOPE (1997) flash drives and downloadable MP4s

H2K (2000) flash drives and downloadable MP4s

We hope to continue this project to cover the remaining three conferences. At present, nine out of our 12 conferences have been published in these formats. You can explore all of what's available here and on YouTube (with their restrictions and limitations).