(i wonder what he really means by that)

This is a proud moment for Neato Elito. We got an interview with a real celebrity, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's!!!

Cochise- So dave what have you been up to lately?

Dave- well not much cochise, i mainly just sit around on my big butt all day and eat our new freshed stuffed pitas.

Cochise- Speaking of stuffing things i hear youve been doing some gay pr0n for the internet.

Dave- Oh yes. everyone enjoys a little fudge packing now and then. I am also doing some solo scenes like this one:
this is me polishing the heirloom.

Cochise- wow dave thats rather disgusting. so how's wendy doing.

Dave- Not too good im afraid. She spent all of her money on heroin and has been forced to become a prostitute. But she will be starring in my next porn film "Fresh Stuffed Crackwhore."

Cochise- Well dave thanks for talking with me and i will probably have nightmares for the rest of my life after seeing you naked.
The End