Warning: Due to the amount of idiots in the world today this section may get fairly large. We will try
to list only the biggest idiots though.

Note: Idiots listed in no particular order.


Im not exactly sure why popsicles are such idiots, but jacob said they are, so it must be true.

Private room Phreak, on AOL

I know what you are saying to your self "self, how can a room be an idiot".
Well the room itself is not exactly an idiot, but a conglomerate of idiocity. Once in a blue moon you will find some cool people but as a whole the room is full of idiots. People that have no idea what they are talking about but think they do, people that know just enough about what they are talking about to sound stupid talking about it, people that are smart so they think they are the almighty shit, and much more and many combinations of these listed. So I want to tell everyone in Phreak hello, and a big fuck you goes out to each and every one of you, yeah including you.


HEY! Im not an idiot
Yes you are.
No im not.
Yes you are.
Hey! You're that little prick from the FAQ arent you!?
Yeah and what are you gonna do about it?
Im gonna kick your ass!
I'd like to see you try.
::runs at guy::
::runs away and screams like a girl::

Bill Clinton

Yes ladies and gentlemen our president is an idiot.  You have to be pretty stupid to have and affair when you are the most powerful, most watched person in the world. Now dont get me wrong, this whole Monica Lewinsky incident has given me a newfound respect for our president. It makes me proud to be an american just knowing that our leader is such a pimp.
Monica is pretty hot. How many guys his age do you know that could get a chick like that? Not very many. But back to the fact that he is an idiot. You have to know that if you are the president a girl is gonna go back and brag that you stuck a cigar up her twat, its just common sense! So once again i salute our idiot pimp of a president and in closing NEXT TIME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WIPE THE CUM OF HER DRESS!!