The Maude Saga
September 29, 1843 

Maude Ethel Boyle is born in Akron, OH.

Summer, 1850

Maude attends 1st grade at Akron Elementary School.

Late Summer 1995 

A strange new problem began to appear as the summer drew to a close. Maudie was losing strength and was unable to keep her pants on. A medical exam revealed the existence of a condition known as hyperdisgustingitis, a chronic ailment that usually results in severe sagging of the breasts, and (you guessed it) inability to keep ones pants on. Once again, Maude's vet recommended we put her to sleep. 

Maudie is not in pain and she's definitely happy, especially now that she has a new vibrator/teething ring, in addition to the "Leaning Tower of Pleasure" dildo she recieved for Christmas (as pictured)

More information on Maude below...... 

Maude was immaculately conceived last Spring Break, and later adopted by her father Cochise after a bitter court dispute.  She currently lives chained to the water heater in Orin's basement.