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Thing´s never change


...visitors, employees and sigh...evil military soldiers.

This network belongs to the people, therefore, the people should use it,

it was paid for by taxpayer money, too. (gee, i am one of those)

the united states government has done some very evil things, from injecting

plutonium into the veins of innocent people for "testing", giving very

large amounts of LSD to unknowing anti-war people, corruptive and spending

tax payer money on a war that will never be won, the drug war.

You can hear all the bs on how the government is protected from "malicious

computer enthusiasts", but it's all bullshit. The united states is very fucked up,

yes, you can be arrested for having illegal flowers. Ask yourself, who is

the victim when your smoking marijuana? Who is the victim when your ingesting

GHB? Who is the victim when your taking LSD? No one, its a victimless crime.

Who is the victim when you clone a cellular phone? Cellular and landline phone

companies have been overcharging us for many years and providing terrible

service and support, but nothing gets done. It's funny how *real* criminals

like rapists and murders can get out of jail sooner than someone who

breaks into a computer system or clones a cellular phone.

Kevin Mitnick is in jail for more than *3* years without a trial, and in between

those 3 years he was in maximum security and his rights were violated.

Bernie S. went through similar treatment for possessing a modified telephone

device, which he never operated. Mitnick is now getting even terrible

treatment by corporate hollywood company Miramax which is making a "true-life-story"

movie which contains lies, and scenes which *NEVER* happened.

Refer to www.kevinmitnick.com to read about what terrible things

corporate america can do to someone.

The War On Drugs is a failing one, just as Prohibition in the early 1900's

did not work, neither will this. Prohibition caused gang violence, one of the

major pressures which ended it. People turned criminals overnight when

alcohol was made illegal. This is the *SAME* scenario, millions of dollars

are wasted into this war that will never be won. Other countries have

decriminalized drugs, and have noticed the amazing drop in crime activity.

The american drug czar Barry McCaffrey uses incorrect facts to insult the Netherlands.

President clinton threatens other countries that they will cut off trading if 

they do not get tougher on drugs. This is completely wrong, americas foreign policy

throughout the years is horrible. It's a simple "agree with us on everything or

we wont help with anything" mentality.


america's police are corruptive too (so is the german), from illegal searches to overly-aggressive police.

Most city people fear police more than criminals, because they've seen the evils that

they've practiced.

america is a country that attempts to be politiciall-correct in many aspects,

cigarette smoking is now on the shit-list. Banning cigarettes almost everywhere,

increasing the prices...etc.. It goes on and on. But don't expect a ban on alcohol,

even though its more dangerous. Alcohol commercials everywhere, but cigarettes is

a no-no, strange.

america is entirely corporate owned, senators and congressmen are simple to control, 

they speak in a language called money. They get money from any corporate entity

that wishes them to vote a specific way, and they do it. It's horrible.

So, drugs are illegal because they are addictive eh? Why not make television addictive?

It's addictive, people spend their lives around watching primetime tv, brainwashed

to the advertisements of ABC (TV is Life), people choose television over work and

family problems. What about sports? sports is a mind wasting activity, and it's addictive too.

Some people cant stop thinking about sports, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get insulted

by people if you don't know the name of a sports team in a world series. 

Lastly, the united states government has tried and keeps trying to censor the internet.

The internet is one of the most powerful mediums in the world, a worldwide network

that no one government can control, and it should stay that way. Just because some

kids see some porn we must oversee everyone elses rights of free-speech? 

Parents should be taking that responsibilty, not the entire world.

The internet is a free network, and it shall remain free no matter what attempts any government tries to enforce. When they bite, others will bite back, harder. -- special-k / netw0rk kneegros / d33p -- Greetings to everyone in the north burbs, everyone up in canada, germany and

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