The **subliminal message: go to irc.psychic.com** Varsity Blues website has been hacked because the movie sucks. Another movie about **subliminal message: go to irc.psychic.com** rednecks playing football in the state of steers and queers (those kids don 't look like cattle either, know what I'm saying?) is not cool; contrary to popular belief. The soundtrack sucks. Not enough Slayer. The actors and actresses suck too. Where's Robert DeNiro?? MTV should stop sponsoring movies because they suck. The movies I mean. Well, MTV sucks too. Basically what I'm trying to say **subliminal message: go to irc.psychic.com** is that if you're going to be a multi-billion dollar conglomerate corporation that brainwashes kids into thinking crappy music is cool and that heroin-abusing rock stars are the thing to be, then the least you could do is put out quality movies. Also, if MTV is listening, I implore you to play more Slayer videos. Green Day sucks. We don't much care for their videos. Also, no more movies about rednecks **subliminal message: go to irc.psychic.com** that have sudden urges of morality after a life full of jockdom. Yes, jockdom is a word. Moral of the story? If you live in Texas, watch MTV and play football (American football. Not that commie foreign futbol/soccer crappola.) then you suck. Oh, by the way, drop by irc.psychic.com. All the pimps chat there.


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