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Posted 3 Jan 2013 04:07:44 UTC

We've gone and done it again. The next step in our digital publishing project was to go back and remaster our second year in existence. "The Hacker Digest - Volume 2" is now available for Kindles, Nooks, tablets, computers, phones, and whatever else you can read electronic data on. And it's all DRM-free.

When we say "remaster," we don't mean we've changed any of the words or the data. We go through carefully and look over every word and image to make sure it's accurately represented in each format. If there are typos, we're careful NOT to correct them. It's quite time consuming and much more accurate than any purely OCR attempts we've seen.

We've rearranged the contents so the entire year is readable in a book form, just as we've done with our later volumes. So there's an articles section, a letters section, a month by month synopsis of the "latest" technological developments and predictions, plus a whole lot of data that really was exciting to hackers back then and may make you laugh today. While the actual technology being discussed in 1985 will seem primitive today, the philosophy and speculation about where the world of computers and phones was heading will make for some intriguing reading in the 21st century. You will certainly learn a number of surprising facts. And you'll get to see us go bananas when our own BBS gets raided by the authorities. It's as thrilling today as it was back then - trust us.

This project took months of effort before we were satisfied with it and we hope you show your support by investing in a digital copy. We still intend to create digital archives of all of the remaining years in each of these formats. We've made it cheap enough to be attractive and we've disabled any copy protection options. A strong show of support from the community (specifically, not just copying it from a friend) will keep future releases coming your way.

Relive the beginning - or experience it for the first time.

To get the PDF of "The Hacker Digest - Volume 2," click here.

To get the Kindle version of this volume, click here:

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To get the Nook version, click here.

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