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Posted 25 Jul 2013 13:01:19 UTC

Our hacker video archiving project continues, with the releasing of 67 hours of talks from the HOPE Number Six conference from 2006. Keynote speakers include Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman, eBooks creator Michael Hart, and free speech advocate/former punk rocker Jello Biafra. But those talks only represent a fraction of the subject matter found in this collection. You'll also find presentations on surveillance technology, lockpicking, legal issues, the hackerspace movement, activism, spying, urban exploring, and, of course, social engineering. The talks may be seven years old but the thoughts and ideas behind them are still ahead of our time.

You can find links to the videos as well as the ability to buy DVDs and help support these archiving efforts at our online store. We now have six full conferences archived on Channel 2600 via YouTube with more on the way. (All nine of our conferences are archived on DVD.) Please help us by spreading the word and getting some DVDs for yourself or your friends. Please post your comments on this channel as well.

Visit HOPE Number Six video archive (click on each title to get to the video)

Visit the archive of the HOPE conferences (six conferences now online, DVDs available for all nine)

Visit Channel 2600 on YouTube.

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