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Posted 27 Jan 2006 20:37:47 UTC

When we started making our weekly radio program "Off the Hook" available on the Internet, we used Real Audio and were pretty impressed that we could get it to work at all. Later, we switched to the more open and better-sounding MP3 format, at 16kb/second, and the popularity of this format grew to the point that we no longer needed to offer the Real Audio files. However, with the widespread availability of broadband Internet connections, our listeners have been clamoring for higher-fidelity audio.

So, from now on, we will be making each week's show available for download as a 64kb/second stereo MP3. If you'd like to automatically download the show each week with an RSS "podcast" client, point your software at:

[XML] http://www.2600.com/oth-broadband.xml

(For more information on RSS, please see our previous article on the topic.)

If you prefer to do things manually, we'll be posting links to the files every week. Or, you can grab them from our FTP site.

But be sure to hurry and download the files each week! Due to bandwidth constraints, we can only manage to keep the current show available in high-fidelity mode. We're hoping to see this change in the not-too-distant future. Archives of "Off The Hook" are available on DVD in high-fidelity mode.

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