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- 10 / 01 / 88 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," altered Reagan speech, more chaos in Haiti, selections from a bank fraud newsletter, Jim has yet to get a bank card, mistakes that banks have made, a series of disclaimers, theorizing on whether a particular bank scam would work, Eric writes a check for a million dollars, why Bush is implicated in the Iran Contra scandal and Dukakis is being unfairly blamed for various things, the vice presidential debate is coming up on Wednesday, previewing the new TV season, Dukakis is ahead in kid polls, maps that have the United States in the middle, a new TV show uses a weird radio term, promoting the Stony Brook Patriots, the enthusiasm of the sports department and the science fiction department, a call from the world's biggest hot dog, Jim recalls "Naked City," attempting to call information in Seoul to reach the American Olympic team, attempting to place the call through a special access code, more previews of new TV shows, making progress in South Korea, questioning whether or not kids have access to technology, the accuracy of a Dukakis story, analyzing the recent presidential debate, another hacker newsletter, some weaknesses in bank security, "The Wonder Years" is returning this year, more previews of new shows, a creative bank prank, protecting Eric from slander, remembering the old DJ wars, making another phone call to the Olympic Village, an interview with a press spokesperson, how the Americans are doing, what being in Seoul is like, world travel, the Olympics are about to end, "Concert Billboard."

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Oct. 1
brain_damage__19881001.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19881001.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 10 / 08 / 88 -

Eric tries to find the theme, a football game just ended, Eric has trouble finding something decent at the deli downstairs, Eric goes to a baseball playoff game at Shea Stadium, Eric and Jim Ross try to get rid of two extra playoff tickets, a near disaster involving a 20 dollar bill, how ballpark franks don't taste the same anymore, the story of last night's game getting rained out, why baseball is interesting, George Carlin tells the differences between baseball and football, why today's game was played at noon, who Nelson Doubleday is, the objections to scheduling games to benefit television networks, why Eric is getting sick, the Rainy Night House is closed on Saturdays, why Playboy is sexist, there are no major women's sports, controversy over a new parking fee on campus, Eric doesn't like abbreviations, a caller tests out the range of his cordless phone, the control room of Home Box Office is once again linked into the show, the television industry, how American professional athletes don't get to compete in the Olympics, Eric's finger jumps the gun, a very strange patent, what could happen if somebody never died, radio station WNBC ended its broadcast day forever on Friday, some other highlights of a massive radio frequency swap, NBC has canceled a lot of good shows, why occasional big events are fun, looking at the classified ads in Newsday, a caller accuses Chris Crowley of being up to no good, Chris confronts the accusations, more information on radio stations in New York, the first FM Spanish station is about to go on the air, how WGBB was driven into the ground by a San Diego company after being on the air for 64 years, the future of the NBC radio network, "Concert Billboard."

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Oct. 8
brain_damage__19881008.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19881008.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 10 / 15 / 88 -

Distorted sound for the first five minutes, sound effects, a George Bush quote on the future of debates, an unusual robbery story, a student is killed while riding his bicycle near campus, a profile of Rory Hackett, thoughts on premature death, memories of when Reagan was shot, a shooting at a fraternity party on campus, there is no heat or hot water on campus this weekend, a summary of different accounts of the shooting incident, comments from various university newspapers and spokespeople, Public Enemy, questions about police response time, the question of giving guns to campus police, how avoiding confrontations can make things worse, the lack of involvement among campus media, the university closes off all but one entrance at night, a moratorium on campus events, student involvement in Public Safety, how it's impossible to prevent people from getting onto campus, whether or not Fallfest will happen this year, the ease of getting an Uzi, how NRA logic falls short, the way visitors from off campus will be treated in the future, Curtis Sliwa's stand on guns for campus police, debating the issue of gun control, a parallel to the arms race, trying to figure out the need for automatic weapons, the situation at Michigan State University, the difference in training between Suffolk County police and Public Safety, a caller defends hunting, trying to figure out why the NRA supports Teflon bullets, a word that can't be said over the radio, Eric tells a story concerning him and machine gun props on campus, why a campus is different than the real world, a sampling of the kinds of crimes that take place on the campus, Brother Nick stays for a call, why Bobby McFerrin is mad at George Bush, Brother Bill is at an Indian place in Manhattan, the proliferation of Mexican restaurants on Long Island, there are no Indian restaurants anywhere near the campus, what's good about Indian food, "Concert Billboard," Robyn Hitchcock ID.

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Oct. 15
brain_damage__19881015.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19881015.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 10 / 22 / 88 -

Sound effects, an anti-drug bill comes closer to law, phone calls come at the beginning of the show this week, Eric's feud with Barbara Bush, a caller complains about yesterday's Siouxsie and the Banshees concert at Fallfest, advice on what to do to correct Stony Brook's injustice towards concert attendees, Jim starts concert rumors, Andrew Goldberger hasn't called in three weeks, the lowest voter turnout in 40 years is expected at the upcoming elections, new laws allow people to be held without charge for a longer period of time, how the threat of terrorism is being used to erode rights, how the debates could be improved, fireworks are going on outside, callers' opinions on who to vote for, why South Africa should have its assets frozen, hypocrisy in U.S. foreign policy, Eric and Jim go on a tangent, a tribute to WBAI reporter Michael McBride who died this week, Black Sabbath, the story of a Satanic murder in Missouri, the power of Satan, Megadeath, how to deal with Satanism, Joe Chenakey weighs in on what Satanism is and how to reach people who may be psychotic, the show will be running over tonight, defining what's offensive, a call from Mr. Radio, how teenage rebellion is relevant, a call from the student president of New York Tech, defining insanity, questioning whether banning lyrics could ever be effective, Jim gives his reaction to heavy metal music, Eric's reaction to Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, trouble at certain types of concerts, judging the artistic merit of movies, memories of the Northport incident involving Satanic worship, the issue of guns. [end missing]

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Oct. 22
brain_damage__19881022.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19881022.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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