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The Matt Files

- 03 / 28 / 93 -

Matt explains the benefits of supporting the station during the Radiothon, where Eric is now, talk of sports, Matt tries to get callers to pledge, a call from a WBUL staffperson, other low power stations on the island, a question about Bill Clinton's sex habits, some of the upcoming specials on Radiothon, when Matt will allow teleconferencing again, the Chinese Jokeman returns, a caller objects to Matt's trashing of Clinton, the notion of political correctness, a visit from fellow broadcaster Jamie, a list of the various station slogans, dialing the Stony Brook Patriots hotline, upcoming sports events, an update on the Staller Center flooding, a listener flies planes, what it takes to get flying lessons, how to get involved in the radio station, Matt describes his experience flying a plane, a call from a very young listener, Jamie and friends were at tonight's Islander game, trying to find an alternative word for ragging, a local neighborhood watch story, Matt encourages people to see "The Crying Game" before Monday, Slick Willy Lubricated Condoms, whether people should be Islander or Ranger fans, the Rangers haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1940, a long listener story involving a helicopter and seafood salad. [some static]

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Mar. 28
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