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The Matt Files

- 08 / 28 / 94 -

[The first hour is missing.] Billy Poulos promo, good credit public service announcement, predictions of the world ending soon, calling Family Radio, a caller is about to go to NYU, daytime talk show hosts, asking who your favorite Beatle is, Matt walks across Abbey Road barefoot, Eric and Emmanuel, recordings of campus police, opinions on Stony Brook cops, favorite sitcoms, Sea Shanty ID, wondering why Eric is known as Emmanuel, Matt's real name, why Ronald Reagan was a good president, how Eric is different from Matt, a listener criticizes the way the show is run, why Eric no longer does the show, calling a religious hotline that predicts the end of the world in September, accusations of plagiarism, "The Furthest Sense" will start on time tonight.

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August 28
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