Neato Elito's Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys for real?
Yes, Next question.

How did you guys become so K-Rad?
Well becoming as K-Rad as us is no easy task.  It took years of practice.
Typing in alternate caps several hours a day, making words like "hax0r" and
"0wned"  part of our everyday vocabulary, and just aggravating the hell out of
people are just things you have to do to become elite like us.

Will I ever be as elite as you guys?
NO, Next question.

How do I hax0r?
Ahh the age old question,  click here ffor the answer.

No, seriously, are you guys for real?
Yes god dammit, next question.

Is there anyone that is as 31337 as you?
NO. But this guy  comes close.  Now when i so close i dont mean very
close, mind you, we still 0wn the hell out of him :).  *editor's note:  it is in the not-so-humble opinion of the editor (that would be Orin) that  that guy  0wns just about everything in the world.. including Neato Elito. Next Question.

Who's is more elite cochise or orin?
Well since this is cochise writing this right now and orin is off doing
god knows what Im gonna have to say cochise.

No, Im for real are you guys...Alright thats it  get
the hell out of here.  Why what did I say? Im not kidding
get out now! Please let me stay, Ill be good I
promise. Alright but one more word out of you and im gonna
kick your ass all over the place. Next question.
Man you guys |are lame, i bet you dont even know
what UNIX is.|
Are you this guys | friend or something?  Of course we know what
UNIX is. Its a punter made by microsoft.

How big is your penis?

Cochise:  about 4 inches fully erect
Orin:  a whopping 17 inches semi-limp

The best Icee™ flavor is..

By far, the best Icee™ flavor is Coca-Cola.

Where is the gay porn? I was told there was a lot
of gay porn on this site.

Well you were told wrong, but if you  email orin  i'm sure she will be able
to help you out.