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Neato Elito was started somewhere around November of 1997 as a worship page for our lovely web-goddess 0rin. Soon after that, it became a sort of photoshop collage/obese smut page. Then, came the 'Complete Guide to Hax0ring', which was a brainchild of those lovely kiddies in private room 'phreak'. 0rin sent the huge text file to Cochise, and he put it up on the forementioned smut page. The text file kept growing and growing, and soon, we just decided to build a webpage around it. And, now we arrive at Neato Elito as it is currently. If harassment is your forte, you can reach Cochise at Cochise@america.net, and 0rin at  orin@nerdcore.org  .

About Cochise by orin

In October of 1980, "The Original Sons of the Pioneers" were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Also, a guy named Cochise was born.

About Orin  by cochise

Well since Orin was kind enough to put so much wonderful stuff I will do the same. Orin is many things to many people.

About "The Original Sons of the Pioneers"  by orin

In 1956, six musicians from Eastern-Germany (from Berlin and Schwerin) formed the band "The Original Sons of the Pioneers" .  Hans Schlatafelshmaffel founded the band and was followed by Christoph Van Der Blechenbendy and Joe Smith.  Dolphie Shmucken, Flake Lorenzo and Oliver DreidelDreidelDreidel then completed the formation.   Their hard-hitting brand of German Death Metal/Country & Western has been pounding easy listening radio stations in Southwestern Kansas for over 30 years.

About About by cochise

about [1] (adverb)

[Middle English, from Old English abutan, from a- [1] + butan outside --  more at BUT]

First appeared before 12th Century

 1 a : reasonably close to <~ a year ago>

   b : ALMOST <~ starved>

   c : on the verge of -- usu. used with be and a following infinitive <is ~ to  join the army> -- used with a negative to express intention or  determination <not ~ to quit>

 2 : on all sides : AROUND

 3 a : in rotation

   b : around the outside


 5 : in the vicinity : NEAR

 6 : in succession : ALTERNATELY <turn ~ is fair play>

 7 : in the opposite direction <face ~> <the other way ~>

about [2] (preposition)

First appeared before 12th Century

 1 : in a circle around : on every side of : AROUND

 2 a : in the immediate neighborhood of : NEAR

   b : on or near the person of

   c : in the makeup of <a mature wisdom ~ him>

   d : at the command of <has his wits ~ him>

 3 : engaged in <act as if they know what they're ~ --T. S. Matthews>

 4 a : with regard to : CONCERNING

   b : concerned with

   c : fundamentally concerned with or directed toward <poker is ~ money  --David Mamet>

 5 : over or in different parts of

about [3] (adjective)

First appeared 1815

 1 : moving from place to place; specifically : being out of bed

 2 : AROUND 2