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Computer Hacker Severely Beaten
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Dr. Wood just saw Ed again. [ 9.09.96 11:10AM ]

Ed: Have you consulted with either of my 2 surgeons yet?
Dr. Wood: NO (Both of the surgeons told Ed the day after the operation that they wanted to see him in their offices within a week.)
Dr. Wood: We're in a different jurisdiction. We can't let you visit these surgeons. (They want him to see a prison dentist and prison orthopedist INSTEAD of the maxillo-facial and orthopedic surgeons who operated on him.)
Dr. Wood: Open your mouth wide - I need to look down your throat. (takes out tongue depressor)
Ed: You're not going to be able to do that.
Dr. Wood: Are you refusing to let me look at your throat?
Ed: No, my jaw is wired shut. I guess you didn't notice?
Dr. Wood: Oh.
Ed: Have you further considered the amount of pain i'm in or the pain medication I was prescribed?
Dr. Wood: NO.
Ed: Is that a medical decision or security?
Dr. Wood: You seem to understand simple things - this is simple, it's MY decision.
Ed: Is that medical or security.
Dr. Wood: Medical.
Ed: Have you even consulted with my surgeons?
Dr. Wood: No, and I do not have to. (Then Wood walked out.)
Note well that NO vitals signs have EVER been taken at Northampton County Prison, no bp, no temp, no pulse.

Dr. Wood originally changed medication orders without seeing or talking to Ed, and persists in making decisions without consulting Ed's surgeons. He refuses to allow Ed the prescribed painkillers and visits with his surgeons.

When Ed arrived at Northampton County, he advised them that the surgeons wanted to see him within a week. It wasn't until TODAY that NCP asked him to sign a medical release consent form. We can only imagine that they won't get his xrays and other medical records from the hospital for at least another week. What the dentist at NCP will be able to accomplish without this info is a mystery.

The bottom line: Ed's chin is not just numb, he can't move his entire lower jaw from below his lip down through his neck.

Ed's uncle who lives in Pennsylvania was able to intervene today and get Ed to be taken from the prison for his follow-up visit to the maxillo-facial surgeon. The visit was to happen TODAY at 1:30 pm.

His uncle attended this visit as a witness (so that prison officials cannot just ignore the surgeon's orders). This is really critical, as the whole of Ed's face below his bottom lip has been numb/dead for several days.

We'll get an update on this around 7:00 pm.

More information on this case can be found on the following web site:

the complete here.

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