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- 11 / 21 / 12 -

A period of silence as the microphone stops working, Emmanuel demonstrates how it's possible to have a phone connection with Bernie even when told it's impossible, the incredible frustration of trying to get on the air for the past month, how the show was locked out of the station, the closeness of the station to the East River proved especially difficult during Hurricane Sandy, what the outside scene is currently like, Emmanuel explains what happened to the show on October 31st, the disservice to the listeners, why familiar voices are so important in such times, how hackers could have helped the station find a temporary home which didn't have an early curfew, the show was locked out of the station again on November 7th, how Sandy had even more of an impact on the city than September 11th, how the station didn't do much better than commercial stations with no local presence, how the show was kept off the air yet again last week, the open letter that was posted on the 2600 site concerning the future of the program, the frustration of not being taken seriously by the station, some of the technological issues that could have been discussed over the past month, the types of phone service that didn't work, comparing what the station didn't do to what Occupy Wall Street was able to accomplish, the response to the open letter, the show might be moving to WFMU, Emmanuel discusses what worked in the storm's aftermath, how Starbucks came through for people without power, how Emmanuel's Kindle fared, why it was so vital to be able to copy DVDs to a laptop during the crisis, what it was like on the day train service resumed, how the perceived gas shortage came about, Rob describes his experiences after the storm, the spirit of community that prevailed, how people can help, how the free buses in New York City fared, some of the communities that have suffered, Rob explains how he's set up his phone to take listener calls, listener reaction to what the station has done for the past month, the cell phones were the first to go after the storm, the need to move forward at the station, a Google Voice failure, Rob updates listeners on the hacker paintings that were offered during the last fundraiser, the importance of freedom of speech at the station, lessons to be learned from all of this.

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November 21
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- 11 / 28 / 12 -

The building is set to lose power at any moment as part of the Sandy recovery, Mike returns, Rob attempts to get Skype working for the show, good news concerning the Richard O'Dwyer case, Bernie connects via phone to Skype, how callers to the station can protect their privacy, discussing the requirement that the O'Dwyers come to the States to pay a fine, panic starts to set in as the power cut seems imminent, Emmanuel's promise to go down with the ship, the new phone number, a caller listens to WBAI from his cab, trying to find Bernie, a caller from Staten Island describes how the storm affected him, Emmanuel's problem with the incessant Skype sounds, confetti in last Thursday's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City contained confidential information from the Nassau County Police Department, allegations that the gossip site tmz.com is interested in acquiring drones, Bernie disappears again, trying to figure out how to conference callers, Mike buys a radio because of the storm, how to communicate in an emergency, theorizing on what the GETS system is all about, how pirate radio could be used to help get information out in a crisis, how the cell phone companies dealt with the loss of power after the storm, the mandate that requires companies providing landlines to have backup generators, Bernie receives a notice from Sprint declaring that ads on phones are a normal part of life, a recording for Emmanuel from AT&T after he used their network during an outage, the lights remain on at the station.

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November 28
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