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- 01 / 03 / 87 -

The theme from Star Trek IV replaces the traditional theme, a Harvey Hunter reference, a power surge, it's been three and a half years since the last show, there are new phones in the studio, a minute of dead air caused by another surge, this year is the tenth anniversary of the radio station, memories of one of Eric's first ill-fated newscasts, Eric's dog Walter may have to be neutered, what the new dialtones sound like, both phone systems are installed at the same time, Eric demonstrates how the ring tones can be changed, there will be a new episode of The Tripod Family tonight, some of tonight's sponsors, Wendy Carlos, Eric finds one of the show's themes, a phone recording, revealing the station's new phone number, the effect of playing driving sound effects on the air while people are driving, Handel's Water Music, how CDs are more difficult to figure out on the radio than records, a computer tells the time, an announcement from the Bizarre health food store, The Specials with updated lyrics, Stanley Fisher's Offensive Driving School: use of the horn, Renaissance ID, Pokerface Insurance announces ripoff insurance, Billy Idol, a phone recording, what the new 632 exchange can spell, Eric has never used the CD player before, demonstrating some of the features, digital cassettes are coming out this spring, Talking Heads, Big Audio Dynamite, Philip Glass, pausing the CD, The Tripod Family: Howard and Cathy bicker in front of company, Suzanne Vega, how Mike spent his New Year's, Mike records Sledgehammer while Eric records SCTV, demonstrating the siren on the new phone system, what happens when the phone isn't hung up, an interruption from the computerized clock, the new phone system makes it impossible to call overseas information, bypassing the system, trying to find Oscar's All Night Kosher Deli in Yugoslavia, berating listeners who call the old number, trying to get all of the new lines to light up, Mike currently calls into Eric's Tuesday morning show from Philadelphia, Eric spent New Year's in Connecticut, advising people to tune to WPKN, Eric grabs an album at random, Fairport Convention, Sidney Schreiber interviews the mayor of Stoneyhaven about the outdoor festival that's being rained out and what it means to be mayor, Jim Morrison ID, what it means for WUSB to be on the air for ten years, Steve Morse Band, Gary Pecorino is coming on after the show, Mike lives near Philadelphia now, highlights in history for this date, famous birthdays, the thought for today, another attempt at calling Yugoslavia, the news, Eric recently went on an East Coast Tour that took him to Clemson, Frank Burgert adds sound effects, Eric has trouble with the microphone volume control, wondering why a short newscast takes so long, mellow voices, where Gilgo is, trying Yugoslavia one more time, Album Side: Side Three of The Beatles' White Album, final words. [end cut off]

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January 3
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