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- 02 / 13 / 88 -

Jim Wiener, news, "Stardate," Jim will be sticking around tonight, potato chips, Jim discusses controversy within classical music, classical vs. semi-classical and semi-popular, how the WUSB record library is alphabetized, Susan weighs in on the issues, the history of Valentine's Day, how to prove the show is live, Mr. Radio's newsletter, the old "Better Than Dead Air Show" Eric used to do with Arnie Pritchett, Mr. Radio begs for calls, patching calls together, letting the callers do the show, Lister has been doing a reggae show on WUSB since 1972, Mr. Radio's rankings on Long Island towns, the building manager's beeper goes off, more on Valentine's Day, Monday is Presidents' Day, the story of John President, Andrew Goldberger leaves the teleconference, Jim and Eric remember Valentine's Day in school, all of the post offices have new and bizarre hours, Jim and Eric brainstorm on other ways to deal with the post office budget problems, other postal oddities and ideas, distracting noises while Jim is speaking, a gas spill in Setauket, nine digit zip codes, different ways to say the phone number, it only costs 22 cents to mail a letter, Andrew's six-year-old brother speaks on the radio, a new listener named Sammy, the Olympics started today, trying to get the results of tonight's hockey game involving the United States, what ZIP stands for, the parallels between nine digit zip codes and Social Security Numbers, Eric attempts to read a listener, kidneys and livers, Pete materializes out of nowhere, the Soviets are victorious in hockey, Eric tries to get the Olympics into the slogan of the radio station, calling companies with the word "Olympics" in their names, the Olympic Sideburns, the Jamaican bobsledding team has a record out, more info on zip codes, this is the first year that professional hockey players can compete in the Olympics, locusts were supposed to appear last year, a plea to save the locusts, Brother Bill and Brother Nick.

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Feb. 13
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- 02 / 20 / 88 -

Negativland with sound effects, a collage of phone sounds, Jello Biafra ID, "Stardate," the sound of demonstrators, the inventor of the interrobang (Martin K. Speckter) dies, a survey of college newspaper editors, traits that are valued in a relationship, more on the interrobang, Eric wants new letters added to the alphabet, the Olympics are on TV, promoting "The Jon Connelly Show," some features of the new phone system, Mr. Radio describes a psychic, WNBC radio was just sold, a radio record, attempting to start another teleconference, Lauren critiques Mr. Radio, the danger of insulting WUSB listeners, Susan has laryngitis, the coming of spring, the mysterious kidnapping of a teddy bear from a hospital emergency room, skinheads and racism in the news, Eric doesn't like Morton Downey Jr., Eric denies ever being a hippie, why Eric won't be allowed to vote in the upcoming primary, Susan has a strange dictionary, why the election process doesn't seem to be democratic, a caller objects to the skinhead label, a bizarre story about a kid who killed his family in Minnesota, Eric's view of the new film "School Daze," why fraternities and sororities are encouraged by school administrators, Eric explains why he thinks they're meaningless, the history of the famous painted rock on Nicoll's Road, the value of individuality, how to be honest with your kids, television as a propaganda tool, the range of quality on television, an update on last week's Olympic feature, the Working Assets credit card, Eric's dissatisfaction with a new Visa card, there's a thrash show on later tonight, an appeal for calls from all over, a caller talks about culture shock, what's great about "Calvin and Hobbes," why skinheads get a negative rap, why individuality needs to be prized, the diversity that's developed in the music world, the unusually large number of mass murders recently, a caller explains why he changed his hair style and what the ramifications were, some history of the Stony Brook School, WUSB's Ted Schreiber reveals that he's also a Stony Brook School alumni, some facts about the school, the difficulty of finding out what's really going on, especially good callers tonight, "Concert Billboard," Jim Morrison ID, "Curtain Call" promo.

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Feb. 20
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- 02 / 27 / 88 -

"Stardate," dead air, music, dead air, music, Brother Nick announces that tonight's show will be taking place from New York City where the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System conference is being held, Eric is on from Penn Station, Pete Kang and Rob Franza are on 34th Street and 7th Avenue, failed attempts to reach Ken Corsello downtown, Pete describes attempts to get a homeless person to talk on the radio, the area is suddenly crowded with people, one of the oddities of the Long Island Railroad, someone pages Eric at Penn Station, Pete describes a scene with cops wearing white rubber gloves, Eric talks about Guardian Angels chasing crack dealers in the streets while the police try to find sleeping bums, the event letting out is a monster truck show, Rob describes what such a show is like, a passerby talks about the monster truck show, the contest between Bigfoot and Excalibur, Pete describes WIBS where Matt Mankiewich is heading, Nick attempts to conference listeners in, a listener describes a "corridor of bums" in New York City, Rob has difficulty soliciting people on the street, more passersby from Long Island describes the monster truck show, Eric goes to check the train schedule for someone, Pete asks Herman the homeless guy about his Social Security checks, an invitation for Mr. Radio to call in, appealing for calls to the studio, even more people are crowded into Penn Station, an interview with someone from New Jersey, there was also a Star Trek convention in the hotel where the IBS convention was held, Eric attempts to interview a two-year-old, the dangers of New York City, an interview with people from Staten Island, Matt appears suddenly, Eric tries to get people to stop talking about the trucks, Mike Yuhas calls in from California, an interview with high school girls on the street, Susan arrives at Penn Station, a rhyme from "Sparkle," Mike brings greetings from Barry Ragin in Stockton, Mr. Radio discusses the article about him that appeared in Newsday, Mr. Radio urges people to help him get a job at WCTO, a live performance from the street, Andrew Goldberger talks about rap music, conferencing more callers in, Pete gets a call from Tracy, problems with noise from the street, the connection to the street is closed, Nick is unable to get rid of a caller, phone confusion, "Good Evening Long Island" promo, Jon Connelly promo, Eric describes the scene at Penn Station, Nick is doing a show after "Brain Damage," a call from a listener involved in Physicians for Social Responsibility, Eric has trouble hearing Nick, Eric describes seeing a DAT machine for the first time at the IBS convention, how digital audio tape can benefit musicians as they bypass the expensive compact disc process, record company concerns about digital copying, advances in technology, the significance of the digital revolution, Eric tries to describe the scene around him, an arrest in progress, Nick warns Eric about Matt, Nick describes what's coming up.

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Feb. 27
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