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- 03 / 05 / 88 -

Little Polly Parakeet, trying to find Jim's microphone, recalling what happened last week, Irin Strauss talks about all-natural soda, the South Carolina primary is today, almost every part of the studio is being used by the show tonight, "George Bush is the winner," Lyndon LaRouche had a half hour paid political program on Thursday that talked about establishing a colony on Mars, calling toll-free information for LaRouche, recalling the pictures from Mars that were taken in 1976, an article from The New York Times in 1915 that referred to Martian canals, the morality of colonizing other planets, Eric recalls last week's episode of "Star Trek" where sand turned out to be a life form, the possibilities of an infinite universe, Super Tuesday is this week, how to get the WUSB program guide supplement, "Pat Robertson is a liar," trying to call President Reagan, some possibilities for space exploration, defining what a bingo is, Susan finds a Chinese food place that will deliver to the station, a call from the hospital, getting listener advice on what to order, Eric describes "Buddha's Delight" to Jim, Eric's experiences with Indian food, how the lottery hurts poor people, "Brain Damage" is the name for the sequel to "Basket Case," trouble on the Van Wyck Expressway, the uniqueness of the Interboro Parkway, using hand signals while driving a car, driving a dog crazy over the radio, holding the phone up to the radio, Jim recalls an amusing MSG attack in 1972 related to the recognition of mainland China, Andrew Goldberger wants Mr. Radio to call in, a recording of a fake operator listening in on a call to Pakistan thanks to a crossed line, figuring out how far west the signal goes, calls suddenly begin to come in, catching a caller in a lie, Shirley almost changed its name to Floyd Harbor, there's another planet beyond Pluto, new planets will be found once the space telescope goes up, plans for a mall in Ridge, the new phones can detect what region someone is calling from, the Chinese food arrives, remembering The Android Sisters, reading the fortune cookies, a call to set radios in stores to 90.1, Brother Bill, Brother Nick.

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Mar. 5
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- 03 / 12 / 88 -

Dave Brown, "Stardate," a sonic boom, the United States attempts to shut down the PLO mission in New York City, an interview with the PLO's Chief Observer to the United Nations Zehdi Labib Terzi, why the PLO has an office in New York, how something seems to have changed in Washington with regards to the desire to close the office, what the PLO stands for, ties to terrorism, factions within the PLO, Terzi responds to allegations about involvement in a bus bombing, why violence has increased in the Middle East, parallels to the resistance of World War Two, conflicting signals from the U.S. government, a move to ban television reporting in parts of the West Bank, opposition within Israel, where Terzi isn't allowed to go, The Clash, The Melodians, a videotape of Israeli soldiers beating Palestinians goes public, the question of whether banning the media will lead to an end of the rioting in Israel, the situation in South Africa, how a listener is able to stay informed on world events, ways of referring to the South African government, the ease with which tonight's interview was arranged, the power the American people have, what it would be like if Pacifica had a television network, why PBS has no money, the lack of real news in the United States, the changes Rupert Murdoch has made to New York's Channel 5, where "Pacifica News" can be heard, how Americans are deprived of other perspectives from different parts of the world, Henry Kissinger's surprising comments on the Middle East situation, The Clash, the absence of calls, a look at the news, the effectiveness of censorship, "Concert Billboard," John Lydon ID.

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Mar. 12
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- 03 / 19 / 88 -

Sound effects, many news events around the world this week, conflicts between Honduras and Nicaragua, news on shortwave from Radio Moscow and the BBC, Eric's experiment with guns on television, The Cars are breaking up, the possibility of being close to nuclear annihilation, wondering how many people can find countries on a map of Central America, results of various primaries and caucuses, Jesse Jackson's influence on the election, Jackson's win in Alaska and strong showing in Illinois, the issue of South Africa in the campaign, "After Dark" promo, "The Jon Connelly Show" promo, Bill brings in a box of chocolate donuts, Bill theorizes on why people aren't calling, Eric tries to get Bill to bring in calls, controversy involving Jackson and Martin Luther King, Don Kenyon is tonight's special guest, the battles against violence and sex on television, the level of awareness among today's college students, an update on Ernest Dube, comments on Meir Kahane, the PLO decides to fight an order to leave their New York office with Ramsey Clark as their lawyer, Jackson's opinions of Jews, the positions of some of the other candidates, Don's Ronald Reagan joke, Jackson's distance from Louis Farrakhan, an example of some Reagan lies, the latest caucus results, Don scares away a caller, Don is moving to Utica, Don's history at WUSB, how Chris Crowley makes programming decisions, how Albert Gore's wife will hurt him in the campaign, the lunacy of the defense budget, whether Reagan could win again if he were eligible to run, a great title for a book, last week's "Concert Billboard." [some distortion for the first hour]

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Mar. 19
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- 03 / 26 / 88 -

The Bonzo Dog Band, Jim starts the show looking for stories about loss of dignity, "New Dimensions" promo, Eric finally arrives, there is a monsoon outside, Eric's reaction to hearing the intro over the radio while driving, Eric's car problems, stores that charge for cups, a penalty for misdialed numbers, distributing snacks, devising a secret way to communicate when the cassette needs to be flipped, Eric moves into a different studio, a call from Bill Fox, Eric can't be heard over the phone, a house is stolen on eastern Long Island, Richard Scarry stories, Eric went to the circus today, analyzing animal tricks, Jim describes a large Newfoundland dog he knows, Jim reveals how animals are brought to the circus, facts about the Ringling Brothers train, breakdancing and slamdancing, a lightning strike, Jim changes the tape, more calls for anecdotes from Long Islanders, Eric claims to have a full profile on all of the listeners, trying to fill up the phone bank, Chris plays a phone trick, an appeal for information on the circus train, Eric's experience on the Ronkonkoma line, Jim talks about a train that used to go from Washington to Montauk, the 75th anniversary of Jamaica Station, some confusing signs in the train and subway system, the Hillside Facility, new platforms for Port Jefferson and Stony Brook, some little known station names, Jim gives some little known Long Island Railroad history, the mystery of the Long Island City line, defining Penny Bridge, a listener describes the hassles of commuting by train, why people develop an interest in trains, remembering the old double-decker cars, Eric tries to take a second call from the other studio, potential hazards of electrification, train safety PSA.

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Mar. 26
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