This has been a long and painful saga for us as we've had to sit helplessly by and wait for action to be taken on our Spring issue, which officially came out in April. Most of our sales come from Barnes and Noble, which remains in a mostly shut down state. For reasons unknown to us, magazines were unable to be included in their curbside service, so even our remaining Winter issues that were in the stores were unable to be sold. Add to that instances of distributors suspending payments due to the pandemic, and we find ourselves not even getting paid for remaining sales of the Autumn issue! All of this while having to pay all of OUR bills and even being subjected to a penalty charge for not being able to ship our new issue to the places that had ordered it and were now refusing to accept it. This has been a first class nightmare.

But we digress. It took a very long time, but we've managed to get the Spring issues that were already printed with nowhere to go into stores that we normally wouldn't be found in. So rather than just trash them all, we thought we might as well run an experiment and see if maybe there's a market for us in these rather unusual locations. So you may now find us in supermarket chains like Kroger, Albertsons, Ralphs, and something called  King Soopers.

Here is an easy tool to help find 2600 in all of these places. Just type '2600' and your zip code to find the nearest location where we're being sold. Now, because of the way distributors work, this tool doesn't include some retail outlets or regions of the country where we're actually sold. So we urge you to continue to consult our master store list in order to know all of your options.

Now that we've finally gotten to this point, we can begin the long recovery process and start working on our Summer issue, which will obviously be late. But the fact that there even IS a new issue to look forward to is something to celebrate. We are all still doing this mostly out of love and also because we're extremely stubborn.

If you're looking for ways to help 2600, the best thing you can do is get a ticket to HOPE 2020, which is now a virtual conference and one we hope will make a lot of people happy. Please submit a talk idea or reach out to others who you think would give a good presentation. We will make sure all talks/panels are presented smoothly in either a pre-recorded or live setting from locations all over the world. Check out the HOPE website for more ways you can get involved, including workshops, technical skills, music, and more. Together we can turn disappointment into triumph.