The Autumn issue of 2600 has been released in a variety of formats. For the first time ever, digital subscriptions were included.

If you want to be part of the fun, you can subscribe to 2600 as a quarterly PDF without any copy protection or digital rights management restrictions. Or you can subscribe on your Kindle without having to go through Amazon! While you can still access 2600 through the Kindle Unlimited program, what we offer has no content restriction of any kind. You can copy freely and save forever. Plus, the EPUB3 version not only works on the Kindle, but on all kinds of other ereaders like the Kobo and Nook. More details can be found at this this link.

Of course, we'd be nothing without our faithful paper subscribers and bookstore readers. If you're a current subscriber, you've probably already experienced the joy of having a new issue show up in the mailbox. If this is a thrill you want to add to your life, just click here to start the process.

To simply get this one issue, click here. You can do the same thing digitally by clicking here and selecting either PDF or EPUB3.

We also have a list of stores where 2600 can be found at this link.

We thank everyone who helped get us this far. We still have a way to go before we make up for all of the Kindle readers lost when Amazon terminated magazine subscriptions. But having these new options is a tremendous achievement and will hopefully open all kinds of doors.