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HOPE 2020 will take place online from July 25 through August 2, 2020.

Hackers from all corners of the world will convene virtually for nine days of online presentations from a wide variety of sources. You can be one of them!

We want as many elements of the hacker community as possible to be a part of this historic event. You too can give a talk or be part of a panel. While we all would prefer to be there in person, this provides an opportunity for anyone to share their ideas from wherever they happen to be. Simply email your talk proposal to speakers@hope.net.

You should include a proposed title, an abstract, and a short bio for each speaker. Provide enough information so it is clear why HOPE attendees would find your topic interesting, new, and relevant. Make it clear why YOU are the right person or people to give this presentation. Most speaker/panel sessions will be allotted 40 minutes for the session, and then 10 minutes for live Q&A. If your talk is accepted, we will provide full assistance in getting it ready for your timeslot, whether you choose to pre-record or present your talk live.

All types of presentations are encouraged, from solo talks to panels, debates, demonstrations, and interactive discussions. Presenters must consider the viability of their session for an entirely online presentation method.

Your presentation can be made in ANY language or dialect. Please submit the abstract and biography in English, though, since that is the language that HOPE uses to communicate with presenters and attendees. If you intend to give your presentation in a language other than English, please mention this in your talk proposal.

Submissions should highlight their relevance to hacking. They should be original, and not previously presented. We encourage presenters from all age groups and backgrounds.

HOPE is an inclusive event, seeking civil discourse and education on all topics related to the hacker world. HOPE encourages all approaches and interpretations to hacking, presented by hackers, makers, developers, teachers, learners, and experimenters. If you have a passion for discovering how things work and sharing that knowledge, you have the hacker spirit.

Some topics from past HOPE events, and new topics of interest, include:

- Hacker approaches to fighting 2020's massive health and social challenges
- Information, disinformation, and information literacy
- Technologies, along with their benefits and risks
- Social engineering
- Education
- Hacker culture and lifestyles
- Effecting social change
- Industry, government, commerce, and multinationals
- Science, engineering, and math
- Body modification, hacking, and enhancement
- Phones, networks, and telecommunication
- Hardware and software
- Secrets and disclosures
- Data, privacy, encryption, and policy
- Outer space and beyond
- How-to's / DIY (for beginners or any level)
...and much, much more

All submissions will receive an automated response. (You won't get multiple responses if you email us more than once in a short period of time, but we will still get your email.) Notices of acceptance will be mailed out in the weeks ahead. Send all submissions to speakers@hope.net.

All speakers will be given full access to the conference, which includes Q&A sessions with each presenter, a commemorative conference t-shirt that will only be given to conference attendees, and a special HOPE 2020 badge. If you want to help with coordinating this historic event, send an email to volunteers@hope.net.

*** HOPE 2020 - July 25 to August 2, 2020 - Everywhere ***