We're happy to announce that the videos from A New HOPE are now available. Just go to Channel2600 on YouTube to see... most of them.

Perhaps we should explain. It seems that one of our talks ran afoul of Google's ultra-strict copyright policy, the one that has no conception of what "fair use" is. As a result, that talk ("Hacker Representation Throughout the Years: A Guided Tour of Hacker Appearances in TV and Cinema") is blocked on YouTube. (Google also shut down our live YouTube stream while the talk was being broadcast.)

It gets better. The copyrighted work that Google decided we had no right to excerpt under fair use in a talk about hacker culture? "Mr. Robot." Such irony.

Fortunately, Google doesn't control everything. You can download the talk from our store and share it with as many people as you wish. And if you want the whole HOPE experience, we're offering a 256gb thumb drive chock full of every talk which you can share and copy to your heart's content.

We also have a few leftover HOPE shirts that probably won't last very long. And since we made too many badges and programs, we will include one of each with every HOPE-related order that goes through the mail.

If you were a part of A New HOPE this year, we want to thank you for helping to make it probably the best conference we've had to date. St. John's University turned out to be a great location and their facilities put Hotel Pennsylvania to shame (R.I.P.). We hope to see many new traditions emerge at this new location, which offers an incredible amount of potential in the future. For now, congrats to all for many jobs well done.

If you have any feedback on the conference you'd like to share, please email us!