The Spring issue of 2600 is out! While it may feel more like summer, be assured that we're steadily catching up to where the dates completely match the seasons. And we're moving ever closer to the wonderful world of normalcy.

The most reliable way of getting 2600 without having to find these little reminders is to subscribe for various periods of time - or you can just get the Spring issue on its own.

Digital? Glad you asked. We have a downloadable PDF version that's totally DRM-free. And, of course, we've got the Kindle U.S. and Kindle U.K. subscriptions (available as individual Kindle issues in other countries), and the Barnes and Noble Nook edition. You can get a full listing of our many digital options here.

And, of course, there's always the brick and mortar option. This list will need some updating once we're completely in a post-COVID world, so check to make sure your store of choice still exists before beginning your journey.

As always, we thank you for sticking with us during these difficult times. We hope our issues bring you some joy, or at least make you angry enough to write a good letter to the editor.