The Summer issue of 2600 is now out! And with it, we step into a brand new chapter of our history.

For the first time, you can now subscribe to 2600 as a quarterly PDF without copy protection or digital rights management restrictions.

Also for the first time, you can now subscribe on your Kindle without having to go through Amazon! We realized the need for this when Amazon decided to discontinue magazine subscriptions, leaving many publishers like us out in the cold. It's easy and quick to subscribe to our EPUB3 version, which works great on the Kindle and other ereaders like the Nook and Kobo. (We also have a brief tutorial on how this works.)

We haven't forgotten about our faithful paper subscribers! If you subscribe, you're at that exciting time where a new issue has either just arrived or is about to. If you want to become a subscriber, this page is all you need. And if you only want the printed Summer issue, simply click here - or you're looking for the new issue in a digital format (PDF or EPUB3), this link will hook you up. Back issues are also available there.

A list of stores in the United States that carry 2600 can be found here.