The Winter issue of 2600 is now available! Inside its pages, you'll learn about the latest challenge we're facing due to Amazon's decision to stop supporting magazines like ours.

Over the years, we've gained thousands of subscribers who preferred reading 2600 on their Kindle devices. Amazon has decided to stop that service for reasons we can't understand. So we're left to scramble to avoid devastating losses this year due to random corporate decisions.

We're already working on a digital subscription solution that satisfies our security needs. For now, you can get the new issue in non-DRM PDF format here, with no restrictions on copying and sharing. Digital back issues are also available here.

Paper subscribers are already getting their issues in the mail. If you want to receive our magazine physically, just click here and make your selections. Or we can just send you the current issue.

Technically, the Kindle option still exists. Amazon has not shared any of the above info with their customers yet. So you can still subscribe for whatever amount of time is left or perhaps enough people can get Amazon to change their minds (which is extremely doubtful). In the United States, click here to subscribe. To subscribe via Kindle in the United Kingdom, click here. You can still get individual Kindle issues in various other countries. And, let's not forget the Barnes and Noble Nook!

A fairly reliable list of stores in the United States that carry 2600 can be found here. And to see an exhaustive list of current digital options for 2600, visit this page.

We have some really challenging times ahead due to policies enacted by a company we're always warning people about. We get the irony. But, as always, we intend to figure out a way around the system that seems to always be telling people to give up. With your help, that's the last thing we intend on doing.