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- 10 / 09 / 19 -

A special extended online-only program at the Commons Cafe downstairs from the WBAI studios which have been shut down by the Pacifica Foundation, the events that transpired on Monday, how Pacifica hasn't obeyed an injunction ordering them to return the station to WBAI broadcasters, the destructive behavior Pacifica engaged in during the shutdown, this show doesn't have to obey FCC restrictions, Alex gives a legal perspective, an important hearing will be taking place tomorrow, the many news reports claiming that WBAI was closed for good, how false information about WBAI is being broadcast over WBAI's own frequency, the Orwellian announcement of WBAI's "reopening" on Monday, the global reaction to these developments, how the landlord was told by Pacifica that the station would not be using the space anymore, the value of the Commons, the story of how WBAI came to exist, the problems that have faced all of the Pacifica stations, WBAI's Empire State Building crisis that was caused by Pacifica, how people can demonstrate outside Pacifica headquarters in Berkeley, the first edition of the show to be held at the Commons, memories of a previous takeover, how the archives of the station were also seized by Pacifica, how a deal for the show to get back on the air without speaking out against the takeover was rejected, how WBAI hosts were intimidated into not criticizing Trump in recent weeks, Alex explains why this is a faulty interpretation of IRS regulations, questions from the audience, how the donation section of the WBAI site was disabled by Pacifica, what will happen if the court decision goes against WBAI tomorrow, the issue of changing the bylaws, examples of support from people in high places, the difference between public radio and community radio, questioning whether it would be legal to hack into WBAI accounts that have been illegally seized by Pacifica, plans for future action, Reggie describes what happened when the station was taken over on Monday, what the priorities need to be, hopes for the future, a reminder to show up to the hearing tomorrow. [A video version of this program is available on YouTube.]

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October 9
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