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- 06 / 07 / 84 -

A new microphone for the telephone, Buddy Angelillo and Eric describe the heat situation in the station, plans for the summer, an update on the caller who was worried about his job, Eric's history with jobs, what it was like to be a Good Humor man, the upcoming Olympics and political conventions, Eric's extremely tall grass, bribing potential callers, Eric's days as a limousine driver, family and high school reunions, Steve Kreitzer calls from a wireless phone, WUSB's seventh anniversary is coming up, a call from the editor of the Stony Brook Press, concern over Governor Cuomo, the 21-year-old drinking age bill fails, Deirdre's plans for the summer, "Dick from Wantagh," a call from a future house wrecker, who to blame for the heat on campus.

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June 7
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- 06 / 21 / 84 -

Eric is caught in traffic before the show, phone calls still cost only a dime from payphones, why kids playing video games are to blame, nobody knows how to make a phone call anymore, a new law will make wearing seat belts mandatory in New York, whether or not this is a good idea, seat belts on buses, Eric was in Lefrak City to challenge a license suspension, Eric's experience with a horrible judge, Eric wasn't here last week, why Eric supports the seat belt law, the legislators will be here next week, Eric's nightmare trying to get money a week ago when traveling to Washington DC, how certain bank machines aren't always available, some of the more dangerous intersections in the area, there have been a lot of thunderstorms this year, thoughts on airbags, how to avoid accidents, products that are safe for septic tanks.

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June 21
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