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- 07 / 05 / 84 -

An extremely windy day, Eric won't be in next week, the mayhem in Eric's neighborhood over the 4th, Jesse Jackson's trip to Cuba, Lister appeals for calls, a letter from Lee in New Hampshire, where some WUSB staffers have wound up, a call from Westport, analysis of Connecticut beaches, plans to increase the capacity of the Long Island Expressway, the hotline is ringing, a Chinese version of "Beat It," a warning to call in or else, American Theatre Festival promo, Eric almost causes an accident, why Eric wants to go to Antarctica and Albania, how nothing ever seems to happen in Australia, the right way to travel, Mr. Radio's history, the squeaky chair in the station, the lack of interesting candidates for president, suggestions for people Michael Jackson can free, the motorcycle problem in Port Jefferson Village, Eric may be in next week.

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July 5
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- 07 / 19 / 84 -

Eric and Geoff discuss "St. Elsewhere," putting Frank on the air from another studio, a quote from the White House press office, highlights from the Democratic convention, the latest from Walter Mondale and Jesse Jackson, a call from musician Adam Klein, the Mets are actually in first place, wondering why pitchers can't hit, the future of Gary Hart, words about the campus food service and the complications a student went through to get a bagel with butter, Eric apparently did the show last week while stuck in his car on the Long Island Expressway, Frank describes the aborted plans to light the WUSB Christmas lights on the transmitter tower, the future of AM stereo, a listener reports that Burger King is flying its flags at half staff because of yesterday's McDonald's massacre, memories of Jack in the Box, computerized dog bathing, headphone problems, Frank describes some features in new cars, tracking cars by satellite, new ideas for technology, artificial organs, a lot of visitors in the studio, the show won't be on next week.

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July 19
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